Post 149 Loving Unconditionally verses Unconditional Love

’07 Aug 25 12:37 a.m. In Loving unconditionally, love is a verb. It expresses an action, an experience, a feeling of being in a flow without expectation or limitation. Loving unconditionally puts the emphasis on action and expressing love, in being love that is without definition or boundaries. It flows unrestricted both inwardly and outwardly. It’s the breath of life. It’s what animates essence with life, with consciousness of itself and of all essence. Love is what flows between all aspects of creation and is the glue that holds creation together.

In using the term Unconditional love, the word love is used as a noun and creates the concept that love is a place, a thing or a form that must be obtained, a thing that has no conditions associated with it. I feel that this concept, this form of love as a “thing” lacks any movement or real expression of itself in being anything other a static state of being, with no life and no movement and no flow of expression.

I feel that most people think of love as a noun, a thing to be possessed and shared, but they fail to realize that it’s a flow of energy that really has no form or description and can only be felt and experienced. What we can also experience is what it feels like to not have, or be in this flow, this presence of love within our reality.

PS: This is an insight that I got to show the difference between Love in action and Love as a thing.

"Love is not the water in the river.
Love is the water flowing, that creates the river."

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