Post 151 Ask and you shall receive.

’07 Aug 24 I’ve often ask my Guides for help in healing my issues and recently I’ve asked for help in healing my Body and chakras. Just the other day I wrote a post on sex and sexuality and I find it humorous that although I asked for help, I never expected help in the form that it appears to be coming to me, but I also know that getting help means having experiences where you are challenged to face your issues and uncover and heal what has been denied. I’ve exchanged e-mails and have had text chats with a woman that I had met and had a relationship with a few years ago and today we had a chat and we both felt that we will be working together on similar issues, BUT… even just having that thought has opened up a can of worms… which is exactly what this healing is all about.

All my fears and issues of being in a relationship and being trapped, tricked, used, abused, betrayed, back sliding, money, traveling, work, fixing truck, lodging, shame, and of course, all of guilt’s should’s, could’s have-to, need-to are also coming up again. Not in the same way as before, but similar. Even though I have awareness of some of the things I have denied; healing is not simply about mentally identifying your denials and then avoiding a situation, it’s also about healing the denied emotions and what is held in the body and you can only do that by having a similar experience, but this time choosing not to be in denial. I also know that most of the issues with body come from relationships and particularly where there is sex involved. As I posted before, most of the sex that we have had is rage or power sex and there is no love in that and since denied emotions and unloving energy are stored in the body, you can guess what the experiences will be involved.

So now my dilemma is not only in facing my known fears and issues, but also in facing the unknown. I’ve worked other aspects of me but I’ve never really worked on healing my body or my chakras and I don’t even know where or how to begin. I know it will include ending denials by expressing feelings, emotions, fears and issues, but it’s also much more. It’s not just my denials, feelings, emotions, fears issues and physical body, but also what I’m feeling or not feeling from the another person and then what we feel and experience collectively. I know that it also will include desire, sensuality, passion, sexuality and sex and of exploring the physical body, chakras and kundalini energy as that is something that we had begun to explore before. As it includes the healing the Body which is form, which is manifestation, it’s also about manifesting our real desires. Then there are also all the past life issues or Karma, that are also included in all this. I don’t know what to expect, but that is also part of the journey, expect the unexpected. We both felt that we’ll be collaborating in writing books on our experiences.


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