Post 152 R.U.O.W. Heart and loving intent

The R.U.O.W. material came out in 1984 and I’ve been involved with it since 1997. I had my first healing experience in 1999 and my awakening in 2001. I was personally involved with two people that were also using this material and they were actually the ones that helped me do some of my early healing and yet, as unbelievable as it seems, they are still going around in same old circles and being activated into the same old issues, as they are ”stuck” on their point of view.

I’ve “been there done that” so I know what they’re going through and I also know what is needed for them to get themselves un-stuck, but nothing I say is heard and like my other personal experiences and with those on the internet, I’m rejected and accused of being an insensitive know-it-all and of being holier than thou. Although I could understand why unloving people rejected me, I couldn’t figure out why loving people in denial also rejected me. I’ve recently had several insights as to why, and the biggest one was that these people are not ready yet and they don’t have the “intent” or heart to do what it takes to love themselves. They think and say they love themselves unconditionally, but that’s not the truth because they don’t know what love is.

For years, I’ve searched for like minded, feeling and intent people and I’ve been in numerous internet groups and I’ve even been contacted by people involved in R.U.O.W. but I have yet to find one person that I feel is of genuine loving intent and is “walking their talk.” I see and hear people boasting that they have been working with R.U.O.W. for 18 or 20 years, as if time or was some sort of criteria for healing and evolving. They talk about doing emotional work, releasing judgments and doing body work but none have the intent and Heart presence to commit to action, what R.U.O.W. has to offer, to walk their talk.

Most of the R.U.O.W material puts emphasis on healing and evolving the Will, the feeling and emotional body and while that is what most R.U.O.W.’ers seem to be doing, there’s more to it, and they have missed the Key point. It’s not mentioned very often in the books but the Key to any and all healing has to begin in the Heart, not the Will. Healing begins in the Heart because if you can’t come from a place of love, as real as you can be in the moment, then any work you do is not only wasted, but also serves to widen the gap in healing the Spirit and Will or any other parts of our being. In order for real unconditional love and acceptance to be expressed, the Heart needs to be healed as it’s also in the gap. When you have real “intent” to heal you also have Heart presence, then and only then can you begin to heal your Will and Spirit, to find balance and to “walk your talk.” Without Heart presence, Spirit can’t accept the Will feelings, and the Will can’t accept Spirits understanding. Without Heart, it’s an “act” of love and not loving presence. The Will isn’t going to open to what it feels is unloving, no matter what Spirit says, as love is something that is felt and you can’t fool the Will if unconditional love is not present.

I did a quick search of my R.U.O.W books (my index on the blank pages in the back) and I found a few pages that I had referenced as Heart. I’m not going to quote them, I’ll just give you the page numbers for you to look up, except I did quote the last one just for food for thought.

Book 1 Blue Book Right Use of Will Page 6
Book 2 Purple Book Original Cause Page xi
Book 5 Yellow book – Heart song. Page 49, Page 115, Page 186, Page 189, Page 192

Book 8 Indigo – Indigo Page 249 “To find balance now means going back over the pieces and putting them back together again, even the missing, not vibrating and seemingly dead pieces, but finding the balance point is necessary and it is your journey to self awareness that never took place in the beginning or We would not have the healing on Our hands that We do, but no matter how it looks to you now, healing can be found if you have a loving heart, because that is where the balance point is going to be found. “

Since my recent insights, I’m no longer going to search for other R.U.O.W. groups or people, instead, I'm going to let them find me. My vision and intent is to create a Web space where people that have loving intent, can come to learn, share and heal and move what they can when they can and where we can help each other in a loving way. It is my intent that the ideas and works that will be discussed within this space will not only expand your consciousness, but also activate your emotions and touch your heart. I don’t have all the answers, but I am dedicated to healing myself and to live the “life” I have yet to dream, imagine and explore as we bring Heaven to Earth. If this is your dream, desire and intent, then welcome to The Heart Centre.

"Healing begins in the Heart"

NOTE: I have written three books on my healing journey and you can download free PDF copies from my website at the following link… .

5 thoughts on “Post 152 R.U.O.W. Heart and loving intent

  1. Hello John,I was kind of smiling as I read your post – I've so been there done that also!! I discovered RUOW in '94, & the studying & working with this amazing material produced a major & permanent personality transformation in me (& I really needed it, I can tell you!). However after some years I felt somewhat stuck & as if I was in a kind of a cult (I was associating with other RUOW'ers by now), which I recognised the symptoms of, having been in a cult previous to discovering RUOW. I met one great person however, who helped a lot. Also,luckily for me, through some RUOW contacts, I was led to the GodChannel material (about 5 or so yrs ago), which produced my second (but lesser) transformation. This material filled in some knowledge gaps for me (ie: asuras, Grandfather, the various creations) – although I definitely recognise that this material wouldn't have worked for me without the deep work/understandings from RUOW. I mainly work with the GodChannel exercises now (although I've been very distracted buying & renovating a flat of late – oh, the guilt!!) – I find these exercises/understandings very helpful & this material just seems to suit me right now (also I find the channelings from Grandfather extremely soothing). I try not to identify with any particular part anymore, as the idea is to hold the balance point of all the parts (that's simplified, obviously!).By the way, self acceptance has been very, very key for me. Well anyway, I guess that's enough gabbing from me – I like your post & intention there. There's lots of wonderful people around, that know lots of stuff inately, I feel anyway, so good luck with this.Fondly,jwren.

  2. Hi gwren,Nice to meet you. I was introduced to the godchannel years ago when it first formed, and the channeling's at that time resonated with me and the RUOW material and we had some heart felt exchanges. However, I found that over the years, the site changed in energy as they opened up to new channeling's that didn’t resonate with me the way RUOW does. Not that that was or is bad, as it also provides insights into how the other side works. Seth, Michael, Kryon, Ramtha, Urantia, Conversations with God, Keys of Enoch, ACIM, etc. are all worth reading and more importantly “feeling” not only what is being said, but what is NOT being said. In that way, you also get a glimpse at how the other side thinks and feels, or doesn’t think or feel. Regards,John"Healing begins in the Heart"

  3. Hi again John,oh – interesting. Funnily enough I was originally lent all the GodChannel stuff (printed out), before I had a computer, & it didn't fly for me either. I found it strange & didn't trust it! However a few years later I was exposed to someone who'd had an horrifically abusive past….at this time I had a dream (I study my dreams) of a black flying creature that I knew (in the dream) was linked to Lucifer & that I would be in mortal danger if it noticed me. Fortunately, it didn't notice me – it folded it's great black bat wings around itself & went to sleep. When I awoke, I knew that this creature was psychically linked to my friend – I felt extremely sorry for him & his traumatic history (I cried for 3 days after this) & what he was grappling with. It really scared me also! But then I had an insight – I remembered the description of the asuras in the GodChannel stuff I'd read some time before (I think they're mentioned in Theosophy too) & knew that this creature was one. I went to the library & printed out all the GC material (this is what finally got me into computers!) – this time it really resonated with me, except for the channelings attributed to the mother (I thought they were a bit lame). Realising that the brush with an asura was a reflection, I was particularly drawn to the 'True Sacrifice' exercise, which deals with unhooking the asuric energy from yourself. I knew this was key for me – I realised that I had a fair amount of asuric energy, which you need help from God (Spirit) with, to handle. 5 – 10 minutes with this exercise & I would want to sleep for a day – far out!! I have found it very beneficial to access the healer within myself, which then helps & brings light & acceptance to, the parts still trapped & in pain. For some reason, I found the Spirit voice (including Grandfathers) a little more loving & sweet in GC compared to RUOW (he still sounds rather ticked off & strict there, which simply activates my guilt). I guess I really needed this sweetness & kindness, as it seemed to open up my heart a lot (you're SO right about needing to come from the heart in regards to doing healing work). The Spirit emphasis, of doing a lot of the work from that side, & then approaching the Will, seems to suit me. I found the torture scene in Indigo extremely overwhelming & am not over it to this day – for me, I need a lot more spirit light in & around me, before I approach these depths again. Anyway, I like your insights about needing to become more heart centred – if you don't, you usually just end up putting out unloving light (unhealed spirit) & smacking everyone with it. Unfortunatley, there's a lot of that going on in a lot of RUOW groups, as you've pointed out – I think they need a few more tools to help them frankly…mind you, I've not been around ROUW people for quite a while now, so perhaps there's been evolution there.Just thought I would elaborate further, & all the best with your healing work. We will all come through in the end & what a joyous occasion that will be!Cheers,jwren.

  4. Hi jwrenIn the course of my journey, I found it interesting in that where I once felt afraid of evil being associated with me, or around me, I now see it differently, in fact, I now welcome their presence as I now know that whenever Lucifer or one of his daemons are around me ( I can sense and smell them) I know that they are present because they are trying to stop me from doing what I am about to do. That insight came out in a internet chat I was having with Baal, one of Lucifers henchmen. Although he didn’t say it and he angrily denied it once I said it, that was his purpose. That as long as I was in denial and afraid of moving what needed to move, I was doing Lucifers bidding. When I had the intent and courage to end my denials and to see things to the end, that was when Lucifer and his minion would be around me. What powers Lucifer is our denials, and by ending denial, we take our power back from him, and in turn, we also allow more of Gods light to come into us instead of harboring Lucifers light. It makes perfect sense, think of our own law enforcement or military. As long as we OBEY the law, they leave us alone, but as soon as we break the law, then we are noticed and they try to stop us and get us to change our ways to make us obey again. It’s interesting that you used the word “tools” as that is what I needed along with the RUOW books in order to begin my healing journey. I wrote a book on the “tools” I used called: Journeys from the Heart Centre “Meditation as a tool for healing and Self-empowerment” If you are interested, you can read and download it in a PDF or Doc format from my website..

  5. Thanks John – I'll study your book when I get a chance. I think the Asuras are an older & more formidable form of denial than Lucifer & Ahriman – I feel I need God the Spirit's help with them right now. Their right place for the moment is the void, & I wouldn't know how to put them there myself (& I don't want them staying around earth!). I know what you mean about tricky things coming in to stop you when you're about to take an important step – it's a great insight, so cheers for that.All the best,jwren.

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