Post 162 Truck and the illusion of having freedom

Sept 5 8:29 a.m. I awoke with a sharp pain in my head. I feel that my Mind has this imprint that it not only has to know and look out for itself, but also for all the others. I released the imprint. Now I still have a dull headache, so that means that there is more. My T-shirt is still damp with sweat and I feel pain in my joints when I move.

1:08 p.m. I was just thinking of what freedom my truck really means to me and I’m realizing that it’s very limited. I have to pay for and pass a drivers test to get a license and I also need to buy a vehicle license and then get insurance. I also have to pay for gasoline and maintenance.

When I have done all that, then I’m allowed to drive only on specific roads and I have to obey all the rules of the road. When I get somewhere, I may even have to pay to park my truck. I can’t go anywhere with it that I want to as most of the land is privately owned and what’s not owned by people is owned by the government and if it happens to be a park, you also have to pay to use it.

This also means that I need money and that means that I have to work, or do what I don’t want to do, in order to have access to what I want, which is a vehicle that then gives me the “illusion” of having the freedom and of being able to go and do what I want and were I want. Dah!


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