Post 166 Psychopathic Killer – disease- virus

'07 Sept 06 4:24 a.m. The psychopathic Killer is just that, a killer of life, of movement, of freedom. He’s a fragment and he has also fragmented into many more forms in his attempt to extinguish life or rather the magnetic movement of the Will which is the giver of life. He’s still running on the basic imprints of stopping her, meaning his intent is to kill her any way he can

He has taken on human, animal, plant and mineral as well as becoming disease and illness with favorite viruses like cancer a primary form that slowly devours the living flesh of the Human body. He’s also involved in the aging process of the body, killing it slowly.

Humm? So of course, if my intent is to heal my body and chakras and to move his and Lucifer’s light out of me, he’s going to try to stop me. He’s started with the cancer attach on my brother and sister and now he’s after me. I just remember a post I did back in February about Viruses. So this is not a cold, this is a virus I have. That reminds me that I have a doctors appointment on Sept 11 for a complete physical.

4:35 a.m. The Psychopathic Killer is a fragment of God/Spirit and has no Will (feeling or emotion) or Heart essence. It has a form that can only live by CONSUMING other living essence. It does have Spirit essence (Mind) but he is basically running on primal imprints. It also has a form or Body that has fragmented into many different forms and bodies.

Lucifer is also a fragment but he has a more sophisticated Mind (Spirit Essence) and he also has some Will, Heart and Body essence that accepted the Light of Lucifer when it penetrated the Original Will, Heart and Body (R.U.O.W). This Will and Heart and Body essence agrees with Lucifer and is in alignment with him but that will begin to change when Lucifer begins to loses his power and control as denied Heart is born and denied of the Will ends.

Lucifer doesn’t want to kill the Will, but he does want to control and dominate it as he knows that she is the power. He uses the Psychopathic Killer to try to control her but he really has no control over the Psychopathic Killer once he has his sights on a moving target.


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