Post 173 Lost Will – Lost Light

’07 Sept 10 3:55 a.m. This thing with Unloving intent has me confused. Fragmentation created the Psychopathic Killer and Lucifer and was not a conscious to harm or control, but unconscious intent. Yet in R.U.O.W. God says that the Psychopathic Killer and Lucifer have a long way to go before they can be healed, if they can even be healed. Yet at the same time, there is major emphasis on healing Lost Will that is also fragmented. Why are they being treated different?

We can begin to heal and re-claim lost Will (feelings and emotions) by beginning with our personal Lost Will and fragmentation that was a result of traumatic experiences. Healing all Divine Lost Will is impossible right now as some of the Divine Will is aligned with Lucifer.
Lost Light keeps coming up. Ahhh! So that’s what unloving intent created, Lost Light, light that went outside of Love and in reversal to love. Unloving intent created Lost Light which attacked the Will, causing her to fragment and create Lost Will. Spirit (Mind) is expressive – out going) while Will (feelings and emotions) is receptive and takes in. Lost Light reversed itself and fragmented, while Lost Will didn’t reverse itself although it fragmented by the attacks of Lost Light and it’s those Lost Will fragments that can and need to be healed now.


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