Post 174 Heart – Fire – five elements – Survival chakra

’07 Sept 10 4:37 a.m. I was thinking of the hot and cold aspects of polarity and I though of the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether (space-time). The polarities of fire ranges from incredibly hot to the opposite of no fire or heat and being incredibly cold. I also feel that fire is associated with the Heart. So where is this going?

The elements are part of the body, form. Hummm? And if Heart is also associated with the element fire, then healing and balancing fire is also the first step in healing and balancing the body. So how does this tie in to the Psychopathic Killer/ Ahh! Heartlessness. He also has the element of fire, but without heart presence.

5:05 a.m. I just got that fire is also the colour red and that red is the colour of the first chakra and that the first chakra is also called the survival chakra. Survival in this case is fire, warmth as you have to keep the body warm in order to survive. As I’m typing this I also feel that the first chakra is also where our real anger and rage are, that will not allow us to be destroyed or to destroy ourselves.

The other day I asked, why can’t the body regulate its temperature regardless of the outside environment? I think I just got the answer. When the element of fire (heat – Heart) is in balance then the body can survive as there is no big swing in being either too hot or too cold. And I feel that in healing the first chakra, we can balance the body so that it can survive anywhere.

What is putting the first chakra and the body out of balance is the fragmentation and the imprints, programs and beliefs and that’s why we need shelter and clothing and a source of external heat to keep our body’s warm. Shelter and clothing are not natural or required by a body that is healed and in balance.

As I wrote that I also felt that food, needing to consume other living substances is also not natural or required in the way that we presently believe. Air and Water are also not required in the terms we use them either. Now that leaves Ether (space-time) and healing that aspect will allow us to move our bodies in unlimited ways. This is also part of the issue of freedom and movement, to go and do what we want, when we want and where we want, to explore other realities and times, or to create our reality around us, bringing Heaven to Earth. Wow!

Healing the first chakra will also do away with the need for money as you wouldn’t need it to buy the things you needed to survive as you’ll be able to manifest what you desire instead of having to work for them. Transportation, movement, freedom to get from point A to point B will also change as we know it. Things that make you say, Hummmm?


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