Post 177 Working at “the job”

Well I started my part time job last Wednesday on Sept 12 and I worked four days and 14 hours. I’ll be getting 15 -24 hours in a four day work week. Most times I work from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. I kind of enjoy it as I still have my mornings and a good part of the afternoon free and also a good part of the evening. It interferes with my “habit” of eating supper, but that’s also good as I’m also open to breaking that habit and program.

So far things are pretty casual. I speak my mind and feelings and so far, while there may be shock that I would say or do such a thing, there also acceptance for my expressing my truth, (at least for now) 🙂 I’m also learning how to cook, or rather, how to cook the way that the owner cooks and there are a lot of little details to pick up.


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