Post 181 Doubt, Denial and Duality

’07 Sept 23 7:27 a.m. I feel that duality is created when we have doubt, self doubt. When we have a thought or feeling, but we hesitate, deny and negate it, we then choose another that is acceptable. This doubt and denial creates the judgment and concept of duality, of right and wrong, of good and bad. It just doesn’t create the concept of duality, it actually creates it in form, in reality.

When we have no self doubts, we are singular and unified in thought, feeling and deed or action and there is no separation. It’s self doubt and then the denial and non-acceptance of the original thought or feeling that creates the separation with the self, but it not only creates the separation, it also creates an attack and a pushing away or even the intent to destroy the original thought or feelings if it is considered a threat to what is now desired.

Where there is self doubt, there is also fear created by the separation and denials with the self. Where there is self love and acceptance, there is no fear, no rejection and no separation. Another way to look at duality is as a “dual reality”. In one reality, consciousness is accepted and in the other reality consciousness is denied, rejected and attacked. With duality, we are now living in two different worlds or realities.


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