Post 182 Choice and Desire

’07 Sept 23 7:43 a.m. Now I feel that doubt, denial and duality ties in with choice, but how? Choice is free Will,or is it? There's more, but what is the connection? Ahh! We all have free Will and when we exercise our Free Will, that is to say, we have acceptance for our feelings, emotions and intuition, we are choosing to experience love. When we are in denial of our free Will, we are then faced with choice, multiple choices based on our imprints, programs and beliefs and that's how it ties in with doubt, denial and duality.

When we are in the flow of love, choice is not even a consideration as we manifest and create what we desire. We have no self doubts, we are singular and unified in thought, feeling and deed or action and there is no separation. There is no good or bad, or better or best, it’s simply experiencing what is in the moment without judgment or expectation. Choice is therefore also a judgment and a judgment is involved in the creation of duality.


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