Post 184 Hello? Does OPERA have any REAL people… and are they listening?

I've spent hours looking for info or help regarding my Opera Blog. The Tag Search feature hasn't worked for weeks and at first I thought it a system glitch and so I waited for it to be fixed…. and I'm still waiting.

Trying to navigate the Opera site is almost as bad as trying to find something on the Microsoft site. You just go in circles… Why doesn't Opera have an ACTIVE blog or a moderated forum where they can post problems they are having for each of their services… and where people can report bugs…. I found a forum with 15 posts stating that their search wasn't working but no comment from any Opera person as to them working on it or even aware of it.

If the Tag Search feature isn't going to work, then I'm out of here…. as going through hundreds of archives is not what I signed up for, nor what I want others reading my blog to have to endure.


PS: If anyone using Opera Blog has any insight as to what is going on, I would appreciate your input.

PPS: I posted the above comments in forum under the topic Hello! Does OPERA have any REAL people… and are they listening? and then flagged it as objectionable as that is one way of getting to a real person.. Whether or not it will help, that's another question. In the mean time, I'm considering getting my own blog on my web site….

'07 sept 27 I got the comment and so I posted to the existing thread Blog search broken thread to see what would happen..
'07 Sept 28 ~ 8:30 am The search option for tags was working..
'07 Sept 28 – 6:00 pm. the search tags are NOT working again…
'07 Sept 29 ~ 9:30 am The search tags are working again… Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

1 thought on “Post 184 Hello? Does OPERA have any REAL people… and are they listening?

  1. The developers actually do read the site feedback forum (although they are very busy and won't be able to respond to everything). If you are seeing existing threads discussing the problem, your best bet is to post there. You can also try using the contact form linked to at the bottom of the main community page.By the way, before posting in the forums, be sure to read up on the rules and guidelines:

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