Post 185 Healing the Mind

While the primary focus in R.U.O.W. appears to be on healing the Will (Feelings and emotions) it is impossible to heal the Will if the Spirit (Mind) doesn't find and have the Heart presence to move off of its denial based point-of-view. To be able to find that Spirit Heart presence, Mind first needs to differentiate and define itself, to know what is Mind and what is not Mind. In other words, it needs to know itself.

The “I or I Am” presence of your mind is the same part of you that you recognize during a meditation or in a drug induced altered state as the part of you that separates itself from the rest of you and your physical body and experiences the feelings of bliss, reverie and oneness.

If healing is your intent, then it's this is the part of you, your Spirit (Mind) consciousness that needs to turn itself around 180 degrees and go back within itself, instead of seeking to escape (denial) from the rest of itself and physical reality. In turning around, willingly and of its own choice, it is now giving itself and all other parts of its being acceptance and unconditional love.

Once Mind has found loving intent, it's first task is to find and confront all the “other” inner voices that challenge it for Minds “so-called” position of power, that is to have control not only over what the mind thinks, but also control of the Will (feelings and emotions) and the Body. This is part of the inner battle and the struggle that prevents us from being who and what we are and it is this inner battle that is reflected and experienced in our outer reality.

By focusing its attention inwardly, Mind begins to have an awareness of what is Mind (Spirit – I am – self – Ego ) and what is not Mind. As Mind begins to separate the unloving voices of Guilt, Shame and especially that of the Inner Critic from himself he begins to regain some dominion over his thoughts and ideas. Once Mind has begun to separate itself from these unloving voices, he also begins to become more attuned to his Will and Body. As that relationship expands, he then begins to have awareness of the imprints, programs and beliefs that not only he has, but also those that his Will and Body have.

It is then that the Mind can begin the true healing process of going back into the Will and Body to feel what has been denied and never felt by Mind and to help the Will move and vibrate to express herself and to help her gain understanding of the experiences. Then the Mind and Will can begin to work as co-equal partners, thoughts and feelings working in harmony to now move to help the Body heal itself.


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