Post 186 Edgar Cayce apple diet/cleanser

I started my Edgar Cayce Apple Cleanser this morning because after work tonight; I’ll be off for three days. I haven’t done one in years and I feel that I need to do it. I used to do the three day cleanser 2 -3 time a year. I also did the Master Cleanser but that’s a twelve day thing. I’ll see how I feel after this one and I might do it in a few weeks.

The Apple Cleanser is a three or four day "cleanse" that helps improve assimilation and elimination for anyone regardless of whether they're in relatively good shape or needing to launch into a more vigorous therapeutic program.

The cleansing apple diet is recommended for any case where toxicity could be a cause or contributing factor to such problems as headache, debilitation, neuritis, arthritis, constipation, in-coordination of assimilation and elimination, sublimations, anemia, stroke, pin worms, etc.

I personally feel that it helps the body eliminate any toxins it can as it’s not busy assimilating anything but apples. When I used it before, I’d feel rejuvenated and re-vitalized… It’s also amazing that five apples a day was all I could and wanted to eat as I wasn’t hungry… Another thing was that after three days of apples and water, it was a long time before I could eat another apple.. :)


Day (1) Saturday wasn't bad but I was beginning to get a headache and sore neck in the evening.
Day (2) Sunday, the headache left mid morning but then I began to feel weak.
Day (3) Oct 1 Monday, by mid afternoon, the weakness was beginning to leave and I was feeling more energized. But I must say that I am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning.

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