Post 187 Love – Conditional and Unconditional

Love – the misunderstood and misinterpreted word that has so many meanings that it's almost impossible to define. People use the word and have no real concept of what it is or how it feels, except that it "feels good." There are countless definitions used to describe love. A few examples might are; joy, pleasure, excitement, fondness, gratification, fun, enthusiasm, euphoria liking, niceness, kindness, congeniality, obedience, loyalty, comfort, security, control, power, a source of identity, and last and probably the biggest issue when it comes to love, sex or making love.

But the experience that brings a sensation of "feeling good" or love to one person, may be painful and unpleasant to another or others. The problem has been that there has been over-powering of personal Free Will to get what the other wants. All this falls under "conditional' love and it ranges from no love to almost unconditional love. Take sex as an example, sex is really opening yourself to the other persons energy as sex as we know it has some form of denial or condition attached to it and the most damaging to those that "feel" but deny their feelings and are then over-powered by another all in the name of love. People believe that they love unconditionally, but if they were to really examine what they call unconditional love, they would see and feel it riddled with denials and conditions.

A few years ago when I was working on my issues of "feeling" love (the actual vibration of it), I had a vision/experience of what conditional and unconditional love were. I saw this scene of a calm body of water like substance that had a line, a barrier, through the middle dividing one side from the other, and both sides looked the same on the surface. Conditional love was on the left side and when I put my hand in it I could feel the change in energy as I moved from almost unconditional love on the surface, down to no love (hate). When I put my hand in the unconditional love side, I felt love with no conditions on the surface as well as on the bottom, and no matter where I went it always felt the same. I did a drawing to illustrate the scene and the shaded part represents the progressive movement down towards black or no love.

I also feel that some people (Spirit Polarity and Denial Spirits) believe that "feeling good", excitement, joy, happiness, pleasure, an adrenalin rush, orgasm, success, money and all the "positive" sensations are love. It's like they have no concept of "feeling" the energy, the vibration and the emotions that are associated with any other feelings. It's like acting for them and in between parts, they are in a state of limbo, no feeling, just waiting to perform the happy parts again.

It's hard for me to imagine what it would be like not to feel, and I suppose it is just as hard for those people who don't feel, to imagine what "feeling" is like as it's not in their essence. They may use the word "feel" to express their physical body, or their judgments on what is stopping them from "feeling good" but they do so only long enough to make the necessary mental corrections that will make them feel good. It's all a mental word and mind game in which they do or use whatever it takes to get what they want to feel good.

PS: There is also a big difference between having intent to be unconditionally loving and loving unconditionally. I'm still not loving all parts of myself unconditionally, but I have experienced loving and healing many parts of me unconditionally.


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