Post 188 Form and Essence (Part 1)

'07 Oct 02 3:11 a.m. There is confusion between Form and Essence that according to R.U.O.W. was created as imprints, programs and beliefs that were put in place during the very beginning of creation with the creation of duality and how loving Essence was confused by the denials present. The only things that were accepted were the things that were pleasant and anything that felt the opposite was rejected and denied. The Essence that was denied (Will Essence) was forced to hold the unloving energy that was being denied into it and the ones that were holding it began to look bad and unpleasant and even more unacceptable, while those denying, looked better and free and therefore more acceptable. Value (judgment) was then placed on good appearance or beauty as being more loving and if wasn't appearance, then it was on what was said, in the form of presentation, that gave unloving denial essence the form that was acceptable to those who felt otherwise, but over-rode their feelings and intuition to give Spirit Polarity the benefit off the doubt.

I still have issues with form, especially when it appears happy, healthy and successful and physically doing things that I can’t. I judge them as being better and also that God loves them more or otherwise I'd have what they have and would be able to experience what they are experiencing. Again, the good times, as I also don't see they having any bad times as they deny they have any and so that adds to my confusion because from what I shave experienced, there are bad times where I don't feel good or happy.

I don't know where this is going but I want to heal my issues with form and essence.


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