Post 190 Spirit Polarity – not feeling unwanted feelings… but mentally sharp and aware.

’07 Oct 02 ~1:00 p.m. I had also posted the Love- Conditional and Unconditional post on my Tribe Group blog and I got the following comment from Nick. ************* “IMO, the people who are in 'limbo' do feel. They simply are not aware of the feelings. They are blinkered. They deny them.
They are there none the less” ************

As I read his comment I had my answer as to what a Spirit Polarity person feels.

Thanks for the comment. As I read it I felt how a Spirit Polarity person really feels or doesn’t feel. There was a feeling of numbness that swept over me, not like a deer in head lights shock kind of numbness, but more of a drug induced state of altered consciousness where there is no physical pain or emotions. It’s like they are on…

Wow! I just saw the similarity… It’s like the drugs they give people with so-called mental problems to help them cope with their emotions… They feel numb to any emotions that are trying to surface… and so life is great as long as they are numb. While this is what the Spirit Polarity Medical community is doing to the Will Polarity, that’s not what they need do to themselves as that is their natural start of being, numb to what they don’t desire.

Thanks my friend, you seem to know how to say or ask the right questions. 

PS: I just had another insight. There is also another major difference in that a Will Polarity person that is on these drugs is also affected mentally as their Mind is also drugged and they are not as mentally sharp as they were. That is not the case with a Spirit Polarity person as their mind is not affected and they are thinking and crafting ways to get what they want so that they will be happy and feeling good and be in control again.

A little while later I also got that the Spirit Polarity people have numerous ways to “feel good” and if there is a problem with one way, they don’t dwell on it and they move to the next quick fix, feel good experience. That’s not to say that if there is a strong control or attachment issue to a certain activity or person that they don’t become obsessive or possessive and want more until such a time that they are forced to quit or they release the person because the person has no more to give them.

To add to the confusion, the same but different form of expression is also found in a Will Essence feeling person that acts the same way when they are in denial. The only difference is that a Will polarity person is confused and doesn’t know they are in denial whereas a Spirit Polarity is totally aware of what they are doing and saying. The Spirit polarity person will use a Will persons confusion to trap them into denying themselves even more and so the feeding circle continues. Denial is the common link that makes Loving Essence look, act and feel like Unloving Essence and that is the dilemma with duality.

Ask and you shall receive.


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