Post 195 It’s been a fun day

Well it's been a fun day…….. I had an appointment to get a diagnostic test on my '91 Nissan truck at 8:00 am to see what the problem was. It turned out to be an oxygen sensor that was defective and after it was replaced, the truck passed the emissions test, but not after costing me another $260.00

Next I went back to the garage that had fixed my transmission seal as it was still leaking. The mechanic and owner was dumb founded as to why but asked me to take it to a transmission specialist to see what they said,.and then report back to him. I did that and they checked it out and said that if replacing the seal didn't solve the problem, then the only other thing to do, was to take the transmission apart to see what was wrong. He didn't suggest that was a good idea as the truck was older and it wasn't worth spending that much money on a minor problem and he suggested I live with it and save my money. I went back to the garage and told him and I left it at that.

Now comes the fun part…… I took my "passed" emission certificate to the licensing bureau to get my license plates renewed for two years. The girl entered the data into the computer and told me that I didn't have to renew my plates until next year… Dah! I don't know why I didn't re-check it but all summer, I've believed that I had to re-new my license this fall… don't ask my why?

So anyway, after spending all this money that I didn't really need to,… and not for the reasons I thought I had to. I still needed the work done and the emission certificate is good for one year, so maybe I can use it next year .. so I wouldn't be out any money… It was a good laugh at the license bureau and I also dropped into the place where I got the emission test and told them the story and we had a good chuckle also… and it was them that told me to save the certificate until next year… So now my truck is running smoothly and I should be saving a bundle on gas, that will pay for all the work that was done…

It's just funny how the mind gets focused on an issue and then goes in circles. I needed to get the truck fixed, and although I didn't have the money to fix it, I still got the money to fix it, although I will have to work to pay off the credit card..

When I was at the transmission place I saw a 2003 Jetta TDI wagon across the street for just under $9,000.00 .. I had a Jetta turbo diesel before and I loved it and this one is a wagon to boot… On my way home, I bought a 649 Lottery ticket, I don't need to win the millions, just enough to buy the Jetta… and give the clerk her 10% for selling me a winner… 🙂


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