Post 197 Confused, in a state of limbo.

'07 Oct 20 I was activated a few days ago with issues with my truck, but now all that seems so long ago. I don't feel that anything really healed except for what I wrote on Oct. 18 regarding control and expectations. I feel confused and like I’m in a state of limbo and I don’t feel I’m really accomplishing anything.

I've been working on my e-book but I feel that something is missing, either in the book itself, the PDF or E-book format or in the way it's going to be distributed, or all three.

Another thing is that at the end of August, I was walking 5 – 6 km or biking 10 – 15 km four or five days a week, but since I've got sick for a few days at the beginning of September, I really haven't had the energy to get back out and exercise and now the days are really beginning to get short as it’s now dark around 7:00 pm

Marian also mentioned a guy at her self-help group that was going to be selling his Volvo wagon. She doesn't know what year it is or what is wrong with it, but she will be getting me more details. So that brings up the truck issues again. Although the truck is running good right now, even though it is still leaking oil, I really don't want to spend any more money on it as it’s a 1991. I think I can get another two years out of it without having to replace the tires, brakes, shocks and muffler.


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