Catagories are not the same as tags! About time wordpress woke up!

I stopped using wordpress as I was frustrated with trying to use categories as tags… Why have a search option if you are limited to specific categories.. Dah? It’s a no brainer… but then that’s exactly what was happening here, Nerds, with brains….  but no practical experience.

Finally the lights went on and wordpress is catching up…..  maybe?   Although they have “tags” I don’t know if the search feature is just for my site.. or all sites on WordPress.  There should be an option for both…


PS:  Well they got it half-assed right….  Ends up that the “tag search” searches ALL F_ _ k_ _ g  blogs… so if you are trying to find one of your specific posts with that tag.. GOOD LUCK CHUCK!!!!!…. I can’t believe the short sighteness of WordPress…

PPS: An another thing… there is no tag field or cloud…. Maybe I have to find another theme (2.3) to get that feature or look around for a “so- called” plug in that you have to add…  which I don’t know how to do…  I think I’ll just stick with my Opera Blog for now and maybe I’ll have a look at Vox  or Necipia….. I have to admit.. Wordpress has lots of themes…. and it “looks Purdy”….  but that’s about all it’s got going for it…

This Wordpress editor also “sucks” as it doesn’t wrap text ppoperly …

Ahhh.. I’m out of here…

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