Post 202 Body in pain

’07 Nov 02 Friday 2:19 am Last week I felt that my energy level and strength was coming back and I was beginning to feel rejuvenated, but today my body is hurting again and my bones and muscles are sore.

3:14 am These past few days I’m also noticing that I have pain in my lower back and pelvic region. I feel that it’s all related to the 1st and 2nd chakra but the how and what and all the other W’s…. I don’t have answers for.

4:25 am My spine is now hurting all the way from my tail bone up to the base of my neck. As well, all my joints and even my fingers hurt when I bend them. Finding a comfortable position in bed is difficult because no sooner do I get comfortable then my bones and muscles begin to ache and I feel uncomfortable and in all this tossing and turning I can’t get to sleep. I’m not having any specific thoughts or emotions, just the awareness of all the aches and pains in my body.


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