Post 209 Truck issues and the Waiting Game.

On Saturday night as I was driving home from work, my truck engine started to make a weird sound. I can best describe it as can with an automatic transmission that is slipping and the engine is revving, with nothing to connect to. Only in my case, I have a standard transmission and my clutch was engaged and not slipping. It didn’t make sense? It also acted the same way when I drove Marian to the hospital on Sunday.

I had made arrangements last week to take the truck back in to have the oxygen sensor checked out as I was getting lousy gas mileage (around 15 mpg or 18 litres/100 km) from a 2.4 litre four cylinder engine. I also asked them to check the weird engine noise.

They checked it out and couldn’t finds anything wrong except for a mild squeak from the fan belt and as for the oxygen sensor, it was operating properly and they suggested that I might have gotten some “bad” gas. When I drove out, the weird engine noise was gone and the truck preformed as it normally did… Dah! What’s going on? I went to a different gas station and filled up.

The waiting game. Tomorrow afternoon I go in to see the doctor that operated on me to get the stitches removed and the results of the tissue sample. Seeing him is only half as I still have to wait to see my physician regarding the blood work tests and that’s not until the beginning of December.

PS: My computer has also been acting up! It seems that everything in my life, including me, is falling apart.

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