Post 212 The Wall of Denial – Denial of denial – Another Healing insight.

For the past few months I have been involved with a few groups on Tribes and I have had several healing insights as a result of my interactions with the people in these tribes. Posts 123124126 After those experiences, I focused my attention on my tribe, The Heart Centre and the members it had as I still had this desire to somehow find a way to reach others that I felt were genuinely looking to heal, but were still in denial… and in denial of being in denial. I was determined to find a way, but I didn't know that there was no way…. but now I know… I now know that others need to break through their wall of denial and that only they can do it… and that is the lesson I have learned.

I'm not going to close the site, but I'm no longer going to try to help others by way of the inter-active contact that the site provides. From now on, if anyone is interested in what I have to share, then they can either read what is already posted, or will be posted on this site, or on my website. How they apply or don't apply what I share is up to them….

I feel a sense of relief, as if a weight has been lifted from me and I now see my mission as merely sharing the tools, messages and insights that I have obtained on my journey for those that care to use them, and that's it. I just realized that the weight was Guilt in that I was taking personal responsibility in trying to help others to get them to understand, what they couldn't see, hear or feel.

PS: As I was writing this post I was also feeling how this has been holding me back from writing and publishing my books. I was still waiting… trying to find a way to explain what I had experienced and know in a way that others could understand. I was thinking that if I could get another person to understand, then I could use that method in my books to help others… Now I know that that isn’t possible.

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