Post 213 Two dreams – Canada Geese and weird Insects

Nov 21 12:41 am I was just drifting off to sleep when I saw and heard and saw a flock of Canada Geese flying over head in a V formation. They were honking so loudly that it startled me from my sleep and when I woke up, I was actually looking up at the ceiling to see if they were there. That’s how real it was…

5:44 am. I know I'm in England and I was in a bathroom having a shower. As I was washing my face, a large semi clear jelly-like egg shaped object came out of my nose and fell to the bottom of the bathtub. I didn’t stop to investigate, but continued to shower. I then noticed that I had a hard time breathing and I could feel something in my nose and so I exhaled through my nose and four more of the same egg like bubbles came out and landed in my hand. They were about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in length and after having a quick look, I simply let them drop to the bathtub floor with the other one.

As I finished my shower I was surprised to still see them on the bottom of the tub as I had expected them to be washed down the drain. I bent over and now I could see something inside that I never saw before. It was a colorful insect that I had never seen before and I was surprised to see it moving around inside the mucus like egg shaped bubble, what was even more surprising was that it seemed equally surprised seeing me, as it curiously peered out at me with its large insect type eyes.

I didn’t freak out because at that moment I noticed that a young boy had come in and was standing by the bathroom door. When I looked at him, he said that I needed to do a few chores before I went to bed. I said, “All right, I just be a minute,” and he closed the door and left.

I looked back at the insects in the eggs and noticed that there were different shapes and colours in each egg. One looked like and mutated grasshopper and another reminded me of a millipede. I began to push the lot of them down the drain to be flushed away. I looked down the drain and I could see that they were still in their egg shaped bubble and that they were caught on a metal bar that was across the inside of the drain pipe. I reached my finger down the drain and dislodged them and as I ran some more water, they floated down the drain. I woke up.

The Geese I can understand as being an animal totem. But the insects in my nose, I don’t have a clue in this moment. If anyone has any ideas, I’m certainly interested.

PS: They looked more like the first picture in that the insect took up all the space inside the egg. I just quickly added the grasshopper and millipede to the egg shape for effect..

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