Post 214 Helping people to help themselves.

After my insight in Post 212, I also realized that my decision would also affect the people that I have a more personal contact with. That while I was basically removing myself from being involved in “denial of being in denial” based conversations; I’m still open to help those that have intent to heal and to also end their denials. I wouldn’t be getting caught up in trying to get them to break through their wall of denial as that is their responsibility and choice…. But if they ask, or I feel so drawn to share, I will offer another point-of-view that may help them see where they are in denial, and I leave it to them as to what they do or don’t do with what I have shared.

I e-mailed a young friend last night and then today I was talking with another friend and I shared what I had been going through the past two weeks and then I also shared what I was picking up on her and her denials… She was confused, but as I shared my point-of-view, she saw that what she had been judging in others, was actually what she was judging about herself.

She also realized that her Will (feelings and intuition) was telling her the same thing that was telling her but that she didn’t believe herself and that she needed “confirmation” to see what she was actually denying about herself. I could feel that her Mind was finally connecting with her Heart and was beginning to feel and accept what the Will was saying. I ended our telephone conversation to let her do her inner healing work.

It was another example of helping people by merely extending a branch to them and then letting them pull themselves of our their quicksand of denial.


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