Post 215 Being more aware of my body

One thing that I’ve noticed almost immediately after my minor operation was that the pain in my kidneys was gone. I realized that my kidneys were sore because they were fighting off infection that was associated with the Melasma that was removed.

Recently I’ve gotten a few small cuts, scrapes and burns on my skin at work and in doing so, I also noticed that when they would get infected, that I would also have a pain in my kidneys and that as soon as the infection had cleared up, the pain was gone. On Saturday I scratched my right forearm on a nail at work. It was a surface scratch that just broke the skin and was nothing that I hadn’t experienced before, but this time I felt a sharp pain and tingling sensation. I was surprised at how intense it felt. I let it bleed and then I got into doing other things and I forgot about getting the wound cleaned and bandaged. It was only when I was going home that I felt the pain again and I also felt that it could give me blood poison if I didn’t look after it.

When I got home I treated the scratch with hydrogen peroxide and I was amazed as it literally seemed to attack the wounded area, bubbling and frothing as it destroyed the bacteria that were attacking the open wound. I put an antiseptic cream and a bandage on it and I changed and repeated the process three times and it was Sunday evening before the inflammation began to subside and the wound closed and began to heal.

I feel that all this is showing me that I’m becoming more in tune with my body.. that is… if I pay attention and don’t deny when it’s been hurt.


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