Post 216 Obesity – Life and Death – Life Force and Denial

I watched a TV show last night on obesity in America and what I was feeling from the various people during the show was that while some people over eat as a way to avoid feeling their emotions that they feel they can’t express, there is another more sinister sector of the obese society that eats as a way to gain recognition and receive attention and others, and that use their obesity as a form of control over others.

Those wanting attention don’t really care what attention they get, as any attention they get means that someone is focusing on them and that means that their energy is also focusing on them and that is what they are feeding off of. They’re feeding and feeling good, off of the emotional and mental energy of other people.

Others that are obese are in it for the control that it gives them over other people as some feel obligated to try help them as they are family, and others, feel sorry for them and try to “save” them, and change them from their unhealthy life style.

These obese people will cry “oh poor me” yet when given the opportunity to help themselves, they either deny they have problems and refuse help, or they take the help just as long as it gives them the attention or the control that they desire, and when they are no longer given the attention and help, they return to their old habits because they know that that will get them what they want. Of course they will deny and say that it is either genetic, hormonal, or a host of other problems that they can’t control.

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I also realized that these people have chosen death and that they are merely staying alive to enjoy what they are experiencing even though they will deny and claim otherwise. If "life" was their choice, then they would be doing something about their situation and they would be taking responsibility for their choices and actions.

I was talking with a friend about the TV show and during our conversation it became quite obvious to me that if one is not choosing life, then by default, they are choosing death. There is no middle ground here of a, maybe, perhaps, or sometimes…. it’s either one or the other and denial is what is creating death.

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This also ties into what I was thinking when I woke up this morning in that some people have a light, force, energy, essence, that creates or animates “life” inside them that shines through their eyes and their being that you can feel. Then there are the “others” that while they may appear to be full of life, there is little or no life force or essence inside them and what they do have, actually belongs to other people, as they have “taken” the light, “life” or part of it, from a person that has it. And the person that has this light, this life force, gives their light, their power away whenever they are in denial of any part of themselves.


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