Post 225 Living in the Present – Habits – Money

’07 Dec 15 As I was having breakfast, I was thinking of how “working” is not living in the present moment. We usually have to go to the same place and do the same thing just so that we can get the same thing (Money) so that when we get off work or are on our days off, that we can then do what it is that we desire…… after we have done what we need to do.

The same thing goes with our house and the things in our home and even with our personal items such as clothes as we basically wear the same group of things. We also basically eat the same food day after day. So besides our imprints, programs and beliefs, we are also controlled by our habits, things we did in the past, that we do in the present and will do in the future…

Living in the present is something that we rarely do because even though we might be doing something new, our old imprints, programs and beliefs along with our habits, doubt, fear and expectation, keeps us from really being in the moment. About the only time that we are ever ‘in the moment” are those times when we become “lost in the moment” and are totally engrossed in the experience without any of the aforementioned issues distracting us. Those are also the experiences when time seems to fly or pass all too quickly.

Young children, especially toddlers, are the ones that are most in the moment. They have no cares, worries, responsibilities or fears. They have no concept of no, or of good and bad, as they haven’t yet “learned” the so-called meaning of love and what they should and should not do or say. They are just in their “I am” presence and being in the present moment. When they notice something new, they are totally open to explore it to the fullest with “all” of their physical senses. They are curious and fearless about everything about them and they explore life with awe and wonder, living life and being in the moment.

But all of that innocence begins to change when they begin to learn life’s “lessons’ that their parents, family, friends, peers and society are about to imprint and program them with. Then they begin to have fear and doubt and their world of magic begins to collapse. As they grow older, they are forced to accept the conditions and responsibilities placed on them by society, so that they too, can get with the “program” and fit in with the majority of society that has to work, to “earn” a living and not just live. They learn that having money is now the object and goal of life and also that having money relates to an individuals worth and value. As a society, we’ve lost our childlike innocence, our desire and wonder for life, which has now been replaced with the belief that we have to earn a living and experience life with money and that the more money one has; the better life they will have to experience.

As I was typing this blog post, I just felt how wealthy people really feel superior to people that have less money than they do and even if they don’t act that way and appear to be kind and generous, they are in actually in denial because if you were to take away their money, they would NOT be acting like they did when they had it.

Hummm.. That’s the BIG secret that the rich (money lenders) so adamantly conceal. That money is just paper and has no value, except the value that we (the working masses) have been led to believe it has. They “know” it doesn’t have any value, but they don’t want us to know or change that, as that will take away their source of power and control, and in turn…. their lifestyle.


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