Post 228 Re: Christmas and an unexpected present

When I was at work last week, a young woman that I work with on a regular basis asked me why I don’t celebrate or believe in Christmas because I didn’t take part in the recent gift exchange. I told her that it was no longer a part of my belief system and as such, it had no significant or special meaning for me. In previous conversations, I had mentioned that I had been a Catholic and so she then asked. “Well you went to church and were a Catholic that makes me a Christian, so why don’t you believe in Christmas and in giving presents?

I replied that I was only a Catholic because that’s what my parents believed and is what they taught me… I wasn’t born, believing I was a Catholic or believing in Santa Clause…..

I could see that she was still confused so I asked her. “Are you Jewish? Do you celebrate Hanukkah — the Festival of Lights, Rosh Ha-Shanah — the Jewish New Year, or Yom Kippur — the Day of Atonement, etc.?

She looked puzzled that I would ask her that and then replied. “No, of course not, I don’t believe in any of them.”

I looked her in the eyes and said, “Exactly, and that is how I view Christmas and any of the Christian Holidays, or any other religions. They have no special meaning for me.

She shook her head in agreement and said. “OK, I get it.”

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Dec 22 Saturday 6:10 am Yesterday, I was at work and was downstairs peeling and chipping potatoes, when a young woman that worked on a different shift, came downstairs and gave me a present. It was a Tim Hortons Coffee Mug and a $5.00 gift certificate. It was totally unexpected and I gave her a thank you hug. I later read the card and she mentions that "we should go out and do a little line dancing or play a friendly game of Sequence.

I had worked with her a few times when I worked an extended shift and we also socialized at the company Christmas party that was held at the beginning of December. Near the end of the party, her husband and I teamed up in the game of Sequence (that I had never played before) against her and the owner. It was a toss up as we split winning the games, except for the last one which the women won. During the afternoon, it also came up that she liked line dancing, although her husband didn’t like any dancing. I had mentioned that I took ballroom dancing, but that I didn’t like line dancing because I didn’t know the steps. While I could follow the person in front of me and also kind-of-sort-of, the person on the good side of me, I was lost when I had to follow others that were as lost as I was. It seems that all the people that know the steps are the first on the floor and hence are near the band or the front and all the newbie’s are at the back of the pack…………….. JR

1 thought on “Post 228 Re: Christmas and an unexpected present

  1. kool you wrote about me. i cant belive i had to ask that question. your responce to that gave me alot to think about. it made so much sence and now i to use that conversation to prevoke thoughts in others. gee golly we live in a strange set of cultural clusters. who knows what to think anymore. so many ppl take on another relijion or holiday just to reep benifits. seems kinda silly and selfish.there is so much preasure from others to conform to holiday and sometimes i wonder where they gots there reasoning from.

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