Post 229 Getting really Sick

Today has been the first day that I can focus my eyes on the computer for any length of time, so I'm now playing catch up from my last posts and when you read these new posts, you know know why.

’07 Dec 25 9:32 pm Well I’ve had the feeling that I had a cold or something coming on for a while and today it finally arrived as I have a headache, sore throat and my body is in pain. Last night I realized that my sore throat was again aggravated by a craving or desire, and like my previous experience with the cabbage, what I was craving and giving my body was not what my body needed. A few days ago I got the craving for Scotch Mints and I’ve finished half the pack as they felt good and soothing on my throat. I now realize that the mints were actually stripping the protective lining from my throat, expositing it to the bacteria and whatever wanted to attack it. Again, I was giving my body the exact opposite of what it needed and was making things worse, not better by following my cravings. Besides the Scotch Mints, I’ve also had cravings and have been eating Mandarin oranges and Kiwi’s that are acidic in nature and also are rough on the mouth and throat lining.

I spend Xmas day in bed and around 3:00 pm I went down stairs and made myself some home made potato, onion and garlic soup. I made extra as I figured that I’d be eating soup for the next few days. I let it slow cook on the stove for a couple of hours and I went back to bed.

I came down and turned the stove off, and after filling three left-over contains I dished out some for supper. It smelled good, but I barely finished half a bowl before I felt sick. I made the soup in the same way I normally do but today, the garlic and onions seemed to overpower me. I just left the table and the soup pot on the kitchen counter and made my way back to bed.

My head was spinning when I was standing up, but when I laid down, that was when t it would throb and ache unbearably. My Mind was also playing games with similar thoughts that kept playing in a continuous loop that I couldn’t make sense of, and neither could I stop thinking of it. As a diversion to the frustrating thoughts and pain in my head, I also felt my pain in my body and my chest was hurting and I had difficulty breathing. I also noticed that my kidneys, especially my left, were in pain that literally took my breath away at times.

After supper, all I could smell and taste in my mouth was onions and garlic and it was gross. I don’t think that I can eat potato, onion, garlic soup for a long time. As I lay shivering and sweating in bed, I was thinking that I didn’t want any food ever, as the mere thought of food was making me feel ill. All that I can really take in is water and I’m drinking at least 6-8 liters per day.

Dec 26 1:35 pm I asked for help in healing my issues and causes of my present physical condition. I listened and felt for an answer and then got that my Will is not yet ready to move this, so I’ll just wait until she is ready.


3 thoughts on “Post 229 Getting really Sick

  1. I had to shake my head in amusment while reading this, John. Almost any female, nurturer would have told you that chicken broth, and plenty of clear liquids would have been the only thing good for you with flu like symptoms (which seems to be what you have, but even with a cold, that would have been the same remedy) Lots of CLEAR fluids, LOTS and LOTS. Why do you call your "Will" a "she"? Thanks for the chuckle. :p

  2. Hi Cranky54 Yes it's funny now that I look back at it, but I wasn't really able to think clearly or to do more, when I was feeling as I did. While a broth is a traditional remedy, commercial soup bases give me cankers in my mouth, so I don't use them in any soups. I don't have a problem with using real chicken parts to get a broth, but as it was, I had no chicken in the house, so I improvised….. 🙂 The word "will" has the connotations of someone that has grit, determination, fortitude, drive, ambition, etc but that is not what I'm referring to here. I use the word in reference to the R.U.O.W. ( ) material that you may not be familiar with. The "Will" is a confusing name and not one that I would have used to describe the Soul, or the Feminine negative polarity principal or aspect of our being and the Will is also used our intuition, feelings and emotions. On the other end, we have the positive masculine polarity, the Spirit, or Mind with its thoughts and ideas. John

  3. Interesting link. I'm sure there's more to it than what was written there. For instance, our chemical makeup. Fear is a chemical reaction for fight or flight. It prepares us for potential injury. People needed it in order to survive, more so "then" than "now", and I think the emotion is misplaced, and misused. I've often thought that our bodies were made up of millions of individual "bodies" all thinking and feeling, working together as a network. Some things we do not control. We only try to understand as best we can how the bodies interact. There are many theories out there, but not much proof. Take care, nice to meet you. I haven't participated much, and you are the first I've commented to. Look forward to reading more later, and perhaps will write something of my own if I get an inkling to do so.

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