Post 235 Heart and Heartlessness

‘08 Jan 9 I received several emails from a woman in response to one of my posts regarding R.U.O.W and Ceannes DeRohan’s new book titled “Feelings Matter”. Beside her comments, she also stated that Heart was not yet formed in her. As I read that, I felt and knew what and why she was saying what she was. I responded to her last e-mail (in part) with the following….

If Heart is not yet formed in you then what is in you is heartlessness. And if heartlessness is what you have within you, then what you share with others also comes from heartlessness…. and that is why you say to me……”None of what you say about heart adds up or makes any sense.”

Heart (Unconditional Love) needs to be born, first in Spirit (Mind) that then gives unconditional acceptance (Love) for the Will (Intuition, Feelings and Emotions) to express herself. Next, Heart needs to be born in the Will for her to open, to accept and to trust that she will not be struck and rejected by Spirit (Mind) if she expresses herself through Spirit that says, it is now willing to do so.

If this process isn't happening, then nothing else about healing or understanding is real as it’s all based in conditional love and heartlessness, and is merely going around in circles…

The Spirit (Mind) is in “control” of your being, and it is being run by the Inner Critic, Guilt, Shame and Lucifer (Luciferian Light) and all the old imprints, programs and beliefs that you have stored, not only in your Mind, but also in your Will, Body and Heart. Before you can even begin to free your Will, you need to begin by freeing your Mind….


Later I was thinking about Unconditional and Conditional Love and how Unconditional love has heart, whereas Conditional love is heartlessness. That got me to thinking that what we’re really experiencing as conditional love is in reality, just different forms of heartlessness.

So now the question of why is there evil and unlovingness in creation becomes more evident? Because there is no Heart, no real Heart (Unconditional love)…. only varying degrees of heartlessness, posing as Heart, with all its rules and conditions.

Heartlessness and conditional love basically work in the same way. They can range from being almost unconditional love to pure hatred and loathing. What you experience depends on how much heartlessness is present within you and whether it is directed at self or at others.

Food for thought,

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