Post 237 A small healing step by way of a dream about vehicles.

Jan 15 5:37 am I had gone to bed with the intent on doing astral travel to enable me to begin to heal my issues with the astral plane. I don’t remember any journey but I did remember a dream I just had.

The dream was that I was back in a house similar to the one I owned in Newmarket and that I had to go to an appointment. When I went to leave, much to my surprise, my large double driveway had six cars parked on it. Not only were there cars parked in my driveway, but also in front of my driveway and all up and down both sides of the street. To get out, I’d have to contact at least 10 people to get t hem to move their cars. I looked around and knew that they were at a party at my neighbors and that I’d have a hard time getting cooperation from them so that I could make my appointment on time.

I then decided to place a formed explosive charge under each vehicle that I needed to move. The charge was formed so that it wouldn’t damage the driveway or the vehicles, except move them out of the way by simply lifting them up into the air 10-15 feet and then moving them to the side by 10 feet. I cleared a path so that I could get my car out of my driveway and onto the street, but as soon as I did, others in their cars, began filling up the street, as if they were trying to block me by double and even triple parking on the street. I didn’t confront them, I simply began placing explosive charges under any vehicle that was in the way and I cleared myself a path so that I could drive to my appointment. I woke up.

I realized that in the dream I was dealing with inanimate objects, vehicles and cars, and not people or entities, although I was aware of them and their intent. I feel that this was a beginning, a small step to healing this aspect of my Will.

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