Post 238 Truck – Computer – Me

Problem with truck. I took my truck in to get them to look at my front brakes and they were pulsing and making a rubbing noise on the passenger side and I had a feeling that the caliper slider was sticking and that maybe a rotor was warped. Sure enough, my rotor was warped and a brake pad had jammed itself in such a manner that it would not move freely. Problem was fixed to the tune of $197.22. It’s frustrating that the truck has all these annoying problems that shouldn’t be happening.

Problem with Computer. Back in August 2007 I began to get an error reading on start up that said….UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME… I then had to turn my computer off and then back on and open it in the last known good working settings. It’s repeated this error message every 2 -3 weeks, but in the past couple of weeks it’s done it 4 times, so I know it’s not good news.

I also stopped in at a couple of computer places, including Staples, where I bought my laptop and I’m not sure what it is as I have three different opinions. So it looks like I’m going to have to re-format my hard drive and re-install Windows, to see if that will clear the software problem. If that doesn’t help, then it’s a hard drive issue and I’ll get it fixed as it’s still under guarantee. Post 37

No problem with me. I went to see the Doctor to day to have my blood pressure checked. The last time I saw her in early December… Post 220 when she wanted to put me on meds as I had border line High blood pressure and cholesterol and I had told her no. Today she checked my blood pressure three times and said, “Your blood pressure is perfectly normal, 120/80, I’m impressed. What did you do? I told her I’ve been watching and changing my diet, cutting out high fat and trans fatty foods, and that I’ve begun to exercise again.

At that point, I also told her that I was going to fade out my Thyroid medication beginning the next month and she stated that once you are on it, you are usually on it for life. I looked at her, smiled and said; the keyword is “usually.” She asked my why and I said that hormones don’t last or affect the body as drugs do and that because drugs stay in the body, they also start to cause side-effects.

We began to have a little conversation, (totally opposite point-of-views) and in the end, she was aware that I meant what I said and wrote it in my report and asked that I not begin until after my blood test in March.

PS: I never had any significant dreams last night. I woke up a couple of times from a dream, but it was gone as soon as I was wake.

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