Post 239 Synchronicity and the astral plane

I make it my intent every night to be conscious on my astral plane journeys or to remember my journeys when I came back and I’m frustrated that nothing seems to be happening. I’ve had a few dreams the past few nights but when I’d wake up I remember I had a dream or journey, but when I try to remember them, they would vanish completely.

My brother called me on the weekend to talk to me about his experiences and to hopefully confirm that he wasn’t going crazy. He said that before he would see a doctor, that he’d talk to me as he felt that I would know what was going on and the he was OK and not going crazy or having a heart attack.

He told me that for the past few days he has been experiencing some weird things that he had never experienced before. He said that when would wake up and that as soon as he sat on the edge of the bed, or maybe take a couple of steps; he began to feel dizzy and spaced out. He said that was when he’d hear a voice inside his head telling him to wait a minute, that he wasn’t back yet. The next moment, he would feel a sudden electric type jolt move through his body and with that, a feeling that something or someone had just entered his body. Immediately, his dizziness was gone and he felt more conscious and aware.

I told him that no, he wasn’t going crazy… and that while he had been asleep, his Spirit had left a part of itself behind to keep the body alive and that the rest been astral traveling. While he was able to wake up and even get up, his Sprit had not yet re-entered his body and that was why he felt dizzy and the Jolt was his Sprit re-entering his body. I then told him what I’m going through and that it was no coincidence that he was also experiencing the Astral plane


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