Post 241 Truck and Key issue

Jan 27 Sunday 6:24 am Yesterday I had just started the truck to go to work, when the keys fell to the floor. I was confused as the truck engine was still running. I bent down and picked up the set of keys and noticed that the ignition key was broken and that the front piece was missing. I examined the base of the key and it was a clean break as the mental wasn't twisted or forced, it just snapped.

I inserted the remaining base of the key back into the ignition and I turned the engine off and then on, then off again. I then inserted a smaller key part way into the ignition and gave it a turn and sure enough, the engine stated. I thought that as long as I can turn the engine on and off, I can still drive, so I tossed the key ring on the seat beside me and drove away.

I had planned to leave a little early so that I could stop at the Good Will store to see if I could pick up a small sport bag or back-pack that I could use to carry all my camera equipment. When I got there, I grabbed my keys, inserted the broken portion of the key into the ignition and turned the engine off. I locked the door and went into the store.

I didn't find what I was looking for and when I came out of the store, I reached into my coat pocket for my keys and I had a sickening feeling as I realized that the ignition key was also the door key and that I was locked out of the truck on a cold winter day. The spare truck key was at home. I remembered that the last time I locked my keys in the truck; I bought some brass wire, that I used to open the door and that I had stashed it inside my front bumper. I got the wire and began to see if I could unlatch the door. I couldn't work with my gloves on and as my fingers were getting cold and I began to explore my options.

I then realized that Marian was at home and that she could get my spare key and deliver them to me. I went back into the store and asked to use the phone. I caught her just before she was leaving and I gave her instructions as to where my spare key was. When she found them, I told her where to meet me. I hung around inside the store for a few minutes and then went outside to await her arrival and within ten minutes she delivered them and I was on my way. Now I have to figure out how to get the broken part of the key out of the ignition and also what this "broken key" signifies for me on my journey.

My Journal… I was just looking in my journal and I realized that I've only written 19 pages this month. I've written that much in a day before…


1 thought on “Post 241 Truck and Key issue

  1. well maybe that will teach you a lesson mwahahhha. j/k sounds like something that i would do…

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