Post 244 It just never ends….

'08 Feb 08 Friday. Just a quick up-date as it’s been a while… After re-formatting my laptop again and then getting everything re-installed and organized, I still had problems… I took it back to Staples yesterday and they concluded that my hard drive was faulty… I should have it back in a couple of weeks. I don't like that it's defective and it's frustrating that I have to do extra work, that I shouldn’t have to do, but what can I do?

But the computer is only one problem… Tonight, I moved my truck so that Marian could get out of the garage and then I parked in the garage.. I turned the truck off but before I got out, I saw a couple of tooth picks (hardwood with sharp points) in the ashtray and so I had this brilliant idea to use them as chop sticks and maybe pull out the broken key… I inserted both toothpicks and did a couple of attempts and then decided not to force it and risk breaking them off, as that would only add to the problem. I pulled them out still intact. I went to re-start the truck and I put the broken key stub back in the ignition, it wouldn't turn… Not only that, now the steering wheel was also locked… I'm stuck… I’m screwed…

I got some tools and took off the housing that surrounds the steering wheel column but I couldn't find a way to take the key assembly apart, or out without breaking it.. If I had patience before, tonight I've run out. Now I have to either get someone out to remove the broken key out, or I have to get the truck towed to a garage that can do it.

I guess that the only good thing about all this is that it happened now, instead of on the road while I was driving… I was going to take it to a locksmith this week, but with all the hassles with my computer, and the fact that I could still drive it, fixing it slipped my mind.

As I’m writing this in my journal I'm trying to think and feel back to what I felt when I realized that both the steering and the ignition were stuck. Besides feeling self-blame and self-hatred for tinkering with it, I wanted to throw things and tear things apart… to go on a rampage, but I didn't. I remember thinking; Why me? What did I do to deserve this? What next? Fuck! I feel that my world is collapsing and getting smaller. Things that I feel are import to me are falling away, not working, dying..


PS: I'm using Marian's computer and she doesn't have many programs on it as she uses it mainly for e-mail and the odd text document…

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