Post 245 Update – Truck working… again – Website issues.

Well I got my truck working AGAIN… I got the truck towed (flat bed) over to the garage and that cost $40.00, and then I got a used ignition installed to the tune of $220.35… Pretty steep I thought for what was involved… and they charged me $75.00 for the used ignition switch. Now I have two keys for the truck, one to open the doors and the other for the ignition.

So far I’ve spend almost $1500.00 on the things for the truck that really should not have needed to be fixed. Transmission seal (4 times), emergency brake (rear mechanism) installed wrong, engine diagnostic, one (1 of 4)front brake pads seized, and now the broken key.

I’ve been using Marians computer, but it’s limited with the programs she has so I’ve installed some that I can use. I‘m also hampered as I don’t have my browser bookmarks…

Now that I’m working on Marian computer, I’m also aware that my website is too wide for her screen resolution… I thought I had checked it before I published it, but I guess I didn’t, so now I’ll have to change that on all my web pages.. I’m also going to be changing my “manuscript” page, but I’m not sure yet what I’m going to be doing with it.


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