Post 246 Wanting help vs manifesting ones desires

I wrote this back on ’08 Jan. 23, but I never posted it as I didn’t feel that it was relevant, as at the time, it was more like an observation about other people and didn’t include me, or rather, I didn’t see how it related to me and my present experiences… Dah! :doh:(laughing) 😉 Now here is the piece I wrote…

People that want help — want help their way, according to what they think and feel they need and not what, or in the way that help is offered to them. People want the opposite of what they fear and don’t desire. In asking for what they want and what they need, they are simply trying to find a quick fix to get out of the unpleasant experience that they are finding themselves in. If they are hungry, they want specific food. If they are thirsty, they want a specific drink. If they are lonely, they want a specific companion. If they are frightened, they want a specific protector, and the list goes on and on.

What I’m realizing (in a new light so to speak) is that these wants, needs and desires do not address the real problem or underlying issues. We have lost the ability to create… no we have lost the ability to live in such a manner that all our wants and needs are met and created instantly, in the moment that we desire them.

What this all means for me now is that I’m still trying to manifest what I want (in denial of my fear) from my feelings of lack… What I haven’t got… is what I want. But… and this is a BIG…. BUT… how do I manifest my desires (without being in denial) when I still have all these, denial based issues and imprints, programs and beliefs that tell me to do the opposite?

Things that make you go Hummmmm?


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