Post 251 Dream: Being attacked by wolves

’08 Feb 21 1:53am I was with a woman and a young child and they were riding in bikes, while I was walking. I was ahead of them and we were heading toward a small lake. It had been raining and I noticed that it had washed away all traces of vehicle tracks and human footprints, it was like walking in a place where no one had ever been..

I was making my way down a slopped washed out gully and I could see the lake at the bottom of it. As I made my way down the gully, the sides became steeper, and the gravel became slippery mud. I noticed that there were some large stones buried in the mud that I could use for stepping stones. I could see a series of these rocks leading down to the water, but I needed one more stone between me and the rest that formed a path to the lake. I looked up and saw a rock protruding from the gully wall above me. I reached up and pulled it loose. As it began to fall, I used my hand to guide it over and past me and it buried itself in the mud between me and the next rock.

Just as it landed with a loud “plop” and a spattering of mud, I heard a growl. I looked up to my left and saw a large wolf glaring and snarling down at me. I don’t know where they came from, but just as the wolf leapt down at me, I suddenly had a horse shoe in each hand. The wolf’s mouth was open and when he was almost upon me, I struck him in the mouth with one of the open ends of the horseshoe. With his mouth open, the horseshoe buried itself deep in its brain, and as I moved my arm to right, his lifeless body slid into the mud near the rock I had just placed. No sooner had he landed, when I heard more growls and snarls. I looked around and saw wolves on both sides of the gully. They were on top of the gully banks that were about 10 feet high and about 15 feet wide at this point.

One wolf attacked me from behind (my right side) and again I used the horseshoe as a weapon, this time striking him on the top of his upper jaw, breaking it and exposing the inside of his upper jaw. Another jumped at me from the other side and this time I used both horse shoes and I hooked his upper and lower jaws, pulling them apart, also breaking his jaw so that he couldn’t bite me. Another leaped at me and as I ducked, I slashed the horseshoe up at his exposed underbelly, ripping him open. All three wolves were howling and writhing in pain in the slimy mud, near their dead companion. I looked up to see the wolf pack breaking off their attack. I woke up… I don’t know what happened to the woman and child.


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