Post 252 Problem… No Problem… Problem again…

’08 Feb 21 4:22am I had been having problems with my laptop for a while as I’ve been getting “unmountable_boot_volume” error messages on start up. I’ve also been having problems with my website and one other website. On Feb. 07, I took my laptop in to Staples and the same problem that I was having at home was also happening on their internet connection, yet on their laptops, both websites were fine… They decided to send my laptop away for repair.

With my laptop in for repair, I was using Marian’s, and while I had access to a computer ands the internet, I didn’t have access to my programs and bookmarks so again, I felt at a loss.

My laptop came back on Feb 17 and they said that they couldn’t find anything wrong with it… I spent the next two days re-installing my software and files. I did a brief check to see if I could get my website and things seemed OK… but, (always a but) after almost getting everything re-installed, I find that now I can’t get to my website on my laptop, but I can get it on Marians computer.

I was frustrated to say the least. I took my laptop back to staples and I explained that the problem was happening again. They logged into my website with my laptop, and it was working fine. I, and they were confused and the only suggestion they could give me was to check it at home again and if it still didn’t work, to call Rogers (my internet service provider) and see if they could shed some light on the problem. I took it home and when I connected it to the internet, it was still the same so I called Rogers. While they were co-operative, they couldn’t help me at the moment and only offer me some suggestions to try.

I called them a second time and this time the tech had me run some computer checks that showed that my computer was being blocked from my website. He suggested that I call Cirtex, my web host, to see if they could help.

I posted a help ticket to Cirtex outlining what Rogers had told me and I got a reply stating that my website Domain name servers (DNS) had been changed and were now being directed to a Korean site, and that I had to check with GoDaddy, the company that I have my domain name registered with, to see what the problem is… By now it was getting late and I was off to bed.


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