Post 253 Trying to get the answers

’08 Feb 23 I logged in to my GoDaddy account and checked my name servers and was surprised to see that they were still being directed to Cirtex, but being unsure, I still left a note asking for help. Being the detective I am, I went back to the email that I got from Cirtex last night and checked the link they had given me regarding the DNS (Domain Name Servers). When I checked it again, I realized that they had spelled “saysame” wrong, and that they had forgotten the “e”. I checked the DNS for saysame myself and sure enough, the problem was with Cirtex and some changes they had made.

I wrote Cirtex, giving them all the details and their level 2 support came back with three different e-mails and three different requests. The more direct questions I asked, the stupider the response I got… I was not impressed. Based on what I needed to do to activate my website, I figured out that I had to re-activate my name servers, and so that’s what I did. Later, GoDaddy emailed me, confirming my actions, and they also gave me detailed instructions as to how to go about changing the DNS, (which I already did) which is not the type of information or service I got from Cirtex (and I just finished renewing my hosting with them for two years, a few days ago).

I’m still waiting to hear from Rogers, although they did email me twice, the first time telling me that they couldn’t find my request ticket… and after I gave them a blast, they replied that they found it, and that they were looking into the matter.

Anyway, with all this going on, my website will be down for two days as the new DNS changes take effect and hopefully…. fix the problem..


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