Post 255 Dream – Wolf and Moose

‘08 Feb 27 7:10 am I was in a meadow that had been scared and torn up by off-road vehicles whose churning tires had left deep gouges in the Earth. To compound the problem… or rather… maybe it was Mother Earth’s way of stopping the abuse; rain had washed down into the gouges and had formed deep gorges or gullies that were virtually impassible to any vehicles.

I was making my way down one such gorge that was maybe 4-5 feet wide and from 10 – 15 feet deep. It was easy walking, almost like it was a path.

As I neared the bottom, I came upon a small room in which I saw a young wolf and a young female moose. They were trapped and looked half-dead as they had no food or water and they couldn’t get out. I was cautious of them and they watched me with curiosity as I made my way past them, to a door that led out of this room and into a meadow.

As I opened the door and stepped out, I thought about the wolf and moose still in the room and I left the door open so that they could get out if they wanted to.

I hadn’t walked more that 20 or 30 steps when I heard noises behind me. I turned, just in time to see the wolf dashing past me. I also saw the moose charging at me, but as she came nearer, she slowed down and stopped beside me. She nudged up against me with her head and neck as if to say, “thank you” before she too went on her way.

I woke up..


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