Post 264 Acceptance – Rejection

’08 March 09 The words acceptance and rejection keep coming up so I’m going to write what they mean to me in this moment. Acceptance for me means accepting everyone as they are, that is, accepting their essence, their being and that also includes their right to their beliefs and point-of-view. While I have acceptance for the person, I don’t have to accept their denials, although I accept their right to be in denial as that is their choice. The same goes for their beliefs, while I accept the person, I don’t have to accept their beliefs as my beliefs, unless I feel comfortable with them in the moment.

I don’t reject a person’s choice to have their denials or beliefs but when I reject their denials or beliefs, they usually feel that I’m also rejecting them as a person (their essence) and that’s not the truth. I reject the unloving act or action, but not the person that is doing it. I reject the act or action of anyone or anything trying to attack or control me but not the person doing the action. I don’t know where this is going or why I’m writing this… but I know I’ll find out sooner or later. Of course the trick here is knowing if you are in denial and have an unresolved issue, when you are rejecting what another says or does as unloving.


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