Post 266 MS Word Links – headers and footers – Website

’08 Mar 12 Wednesday, Well I finally figured out how to add internal links to a MS Word document as well as working with the Headers and Footers. It was frustrating as there were several tutorials on the internet about the two topics, but I found only one tutorial on each topic that shared the KEY points. For example, in Headers and Footers it was a small, seemingly insignificant point of disabeling "Same As Previous" in both the header and footer, but if you missed it, you’d just kept going in circles.

I’ve set up the e-book on “My three levels of Healing” in a PDF format and I have to say, having the internal links and the headers and footers makes navigating a snap.

I’m still having problems with my website as it’s been down for a while. I find it frustrating in that while I submit help requests along with screen shots of what I’m seeing on my end that indicates a problem on their end, I don’t get a reply or I get an automated reply that they are looking into the problem…

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