Post 268 Denial and being in denial of being in denial

’08 March 17 11:11 For the past few days, I’ve been involved in a thread in the Tribe – R.U.o.W. group (that has since been deleted) and I was also working on my Meditation “tools’ E-Book. What became clear was people being in denial of being in denial. I realized today, or rather confirmed my realization when I was proof reading my E-book, that I need to get my meditation “tools” E-book out as that is what people need to read and do first, to enable them to take baby steps before they can take the bigger ones.

They really have no clue as to what denial is anymore than I did when I was in the same space they are. It was only after I had developed the tools and applied them to my experiences that I was able to begin to see and end my denials. I’m not saying that I’m free of denial… it’s just that I’m on a different level and am working on different issues, like what I’m presently sharing on this blog.

I know that saying that is going to have some people think I’m egotistical or that I’ve lost it, or that I have a “holier than thou” attitude, but thinking that of others that are activating you is also what I went though when I was learning about my denials, “been there done that.” I had those same judgments because I felt that I was already a nice, kind, caring, sharing, considerate, nurturing, understanding and loving person… I found out later (after exposing my denials) that yes, I was those things…. to others, but not to myself, to my feelings, emotions or body.


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