Post 270 Doctor Visit – Hyperthyroidism

‘08 March 20 Thursday I had some blood work done at the beginning of March and today I went to see the Doctor to get the results. Three months ago Post 220 I was told that I now had Hypothyroidism an underactive thyroid, and today the tests came back that I had Hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid. The Doctor looked perplexed as she scanned the report and said that the pills I was taking shouldn’t have made my thyroid overactive.

I told her that the day after I went for the blood test, I started to reduce the thyroid medication by ½ and that I was taking one every second day and that I’d keep on reducing them until they were finished in a month or so. She shook her head and agreed with me. She then took my blood pressure and said that all was fine and that she’d see me in the late fall.

PS: ’08 Mar 24 I was proof reading my posts before posting to my blog, and when I got to this one I checked my Louise Hay book “Heal your Body” to see what it said about Hyperthyroidism… And guess what… it’s about “rage at being left out.” I’m in awe at how my body is bringing up all these illnesses to enable me to get to the real denied issues so that I can heal them….


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