Post 273 Consume – Consumer

’08 Mar 22 Consume > Consumer> Destroy … Kill or be killed. Survival of the fittest.
I was flipping through the TV channels and the above words caught my eye. As the words flashed on the screen I realized how we have become predicators, consuming and living off other life forms and not only destroying living beings, but also the ability to sustain life on Earth. I feel that’s why I was drawn to the sites I posted about in Posts 259 and 260. Consume and consumer is also related to post 265 Possess – possessions – possessed…

This also ties in with another thought I had and that’s about having to EARN a living… Life is a gift… so why do we have to earn the right to enjoy it? And that brings us back to money and wealth as being the present source of power that determines the kind of existence and life we experience….. as consumers.

I was also watching the TV news and the floods in the mid US and how people were losing all their possessions and I was reminded of what I wrote in my last post… That everything I’ve worked for and prepared myself for is no longer going to exist, and that life as I know it is about to change…. And then there’s the paradox to the present denial base, “consumer” driven society… and that is… the meek shall inherit the Earth.


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