Post 275 Fixing other peoples problems.

’08 Mar 27 So now the issue that is coming up is about fixing other people problems or things that they can’t fix. The boss at work knows that I do handyman work and she wants me to paint the main hallway in her house. It’s not only paint, but also fix up the drywall that wasn’t done right when she had someone do the remodeling.

Marian also wants me to fix the drywall, nail pops and taping seams and also paint. Again, she saw what she was getting into when she bought the place and now she wants someone to do what she can’t do.

But doing any of these jobs is not the real problem. What the issue is that they both want it done as fast and as cheap as possible, thereby putting the pressure on me to perform to “their” expectations.

Ahhhhh! Again, I’m trying to live up to other peoples expectations of what they want me to do and that if I fail to meet their criteria, then I’m the one that isn’t good enough, or that my way of doing it is not acceptable as it will cost them more time and money that they don’t EXPECT…. if I do it the way they want me to.

This also ties into my issues of wanting to be accepted by others. All these issues are intertwined so it’s confusing when you experience them all at once. The thing I need to do is to grab onto one topic, one issue, one thread and then begin to unravel that one and then I’ll uncover and expose the real issues. It goes with the saying “you can’t see the tree for the forest.”

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