Post 277 An issue of Trust

March 29 7:37pm I was having an Epson salts bath as my arms and legs were floating in the water I thought about swimming and of “letting go” of what we consider out security, our life line in order to be free and at one with the water.

As long as we are standing on the earth at the bottom of the water or hanging onto the dock or another object that floats to support us, or to a person, we will never know what it feels like to float and be supported by the water, or what it feels like to swim on or under the surface of the water.

I thought of how this also applies to all the “things” that I’m hanging on to as I don’t believe and trust that the universe will support me, and will instead, try to destroy me. This is another “imprint” I have in that I don’t “trust” God to send me loving light and that I have to be watchful and ever vigilant or I’m going to sink.

I just felt a flash of heartbreak. It was gone as quickly as it came but that’s OK, at least it moved and I recognized it.

Trust is a big issue… Trusting that the universe will support me. Trusting that I can manifest what I need and desire. Trusting that I can live in a totally new way, one that I’ve never experienced before.

This trust issue is not only about my Spirit trusting my Will or any part of me trusting the other parts of me. This goes deeper than that. I was going to say beyond me, but then I felt that it’s not “beyond” me, that it’s also a part of me, my connection to the Source, to all that is, to the very Essence of Life.


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