Post 278 Curling and “playing” the game.

’08 March 30 8:32 am I’ve been watching the Women’s World Curling Championship and China has been the surprise team, coming in first and beating Canada in the regular schedule and then again in the first playoff game last night. The Canadian team, with Jennifer Jones as skip was outplayed and out curled as the Chinese women played their own game. The Chinese skip, Bingyu Wang knows her players and knows how to read the ice for them.

At the half time interview in the semi-final game, the TV commentator and Jones commented on the Chinese curling style and on their reading the ice and in how much ice (broom position) they were taking to make their shots. Jones also stated that her team was changing some of their rocks as they were not responding. She was blaming the rocks and the changing ice for missed shots, in other words, making excuses. This is not “new” to curling or any sport by any means and is common when anyone refuses to take responsibility for their actions, in other words.. they’re in denial.

I’ve curled since I was old enough to get a regular 55 pound curling rock over the hog line on natural ice and one thing that is certain is that the ice doesn’t act one way for one team and another way for the other team. Being the skip means that you must not only direct the game, but also constantly revise your strategy accordingly. To do that, you need to know your players strengths and weaknesses, be able to pick out flaws in the opposition and also read the ice and any changes and use them to your advantage.

2:03 pm I just got what the issue is with curling. It’s about the Chinese women not “Playing” the “game” the way that the Canadian women are and because the Chinese women are winning. It’s funny to hear the Canadian commentators praise the Canadian team when they make a shot or if they win the game, as it’s because the ”other” team doesn’t have the experience and the skill level that the Canadian women have…

But when Chinese women make great shots and beat the Canadians, then it’s a different story. Suddenly it’s not that the Canadian women lack the experience and skill, Oh my NO.. no way! It’s because the rocks or the ice is a problem… or that the “other” team is playing the game differently… They still follow the rules, but just have a different approach or strategy that is unknown to them and so they re-act because they are not “in CONTROL” and winning.

PS: March 30 7:32 pm As a footnote, the final game between Canada and China was played this afternoon and China lost the game… Not because the Canadians were the better team, but because the Chinese women didn’t play “their” game. They didn’t play like they did in their other games but seemed to be trying to play according to how the Canadians wanted them to play and so they lost…

PPS: The insight with this curling has been just another aspect of either playing “your” game, doing what feels right to you…. or in doing what “others’ want you to do, to play “their” game, and of what happens when you deny yourself to play “their” game. It alkso relates back to my post 275


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