Post 280 Three Dreams – Bear, Graveyard, Earth

Wow!!!! is time ever flying by…. It just feels like a couple of days ago that I last posted the Elephant story to my blog. So now it's catch up time… again.

’08 Apr 01 4:51 am Dream#1 … I was in a house where I was supposed to be having a curling game with a large brown angry bear that was making a noise outside the house.

There was also a small bat that flew towards me as he was curious as to what the ruckus was about. I asked him to fly outside to see what the bear was doing. Just then I could see that the bear was spraying everything around him with his frosty breath. His cold breath was spraying white foam like what one would see coming from a fire extinguisher.

The bat flew outside and was hovering just out of reach of the spray. The bear noticed him and moved closer to the bat to spray him, but the bat just slowly moved back, staying just out of his reach.

I moved to the next room to see if I could see the bear better from there and the next moment he appeared in a large open window. He glared at me and I noticed that the left side of his head and face was covered in this frosty white foam and that the right side of his head was had brown fur. I asked him what he was doing and at frist he looked puzzled and confused, and then he snarled at me…”Curling!” and with that he leapt thought the window and came at me. I turned to ran and I woke up.

I tried to analyze my dream and the first thing I got was that while I wasn’t afraid of having a curling game with the bear or with him playing the game aggressively, I was afraid of him physically attacking me.

Dream #2 I was in a grave yard and I noticed a large whitish spider like creature moving around on some bushes. The next instant, it moved on to a man that was standing near the bushes and he allowed the creature to crawl on him and rest on his head, with it’s octopus like tentacles/legs hanging down and covering most of his face.

At this point I saw the man was standing beside what looked like a large wooden grave marker that had a large ornate decoration on the top and an inscription that read… ”A spiritual balance is one where you feel good and God at the same time.”

I woke up…

Dream #3 I was floating in space and looking at the Earth slowly rotate below me. As I was trying to make our different countries and land formations, I noticed what looked like large white snow flakes falling through space and heading toward the Earth… I woke up…

If anyone has any insights as to what they feel these dreams mean, I'd love to hear them… JR

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